Christopher Deussing, LCSW
Lauren Gonzalez, LMFT

For over 20 years, Christopher has treated individuals & families coping with mood difficulties, psychotic illnesses, trauma, grief / loss, relationship challenges, addiction, & personality disorders. He is proficient in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) & Modern Psychoanalysis. Christopher serves as a clinician on Burning Man's Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). He also functions as a field instructor for Philadelphia University's graduate school of psychology & was a member of Belmont Center's DBT Team from 2010-2013.

Lauren is a private practitioner licensed in Pennsylvania, California, and New Jersey who participates in the Philadelphia DBT Associates consult team meeting, and trains in DBT individual therapy treatment. She views therapy as a collaboration, and utilizes a goal-oriented, relational, creative approach. Her practice is guided by intensive training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), mindfulness, psychodynamics and a lifetime in the creative arts.


She works primarily with adults, and a small cohort of teens, and teaches Advanced, Adult, and Teen DBT skills classes, as well as expressive writing and trauma writing for healing. She has maintained a telehealth practice with California patients since 2018, which is now open to all.

With an MFA in Writing from Sarah Lawrence College, and more than two decades in publishing prior to her therapy career, Lauren infuses therapy with metaphor, creative exercises, and writing practice that can help provide clarity, insight and a new frame on old ideas that can inhibit growth and change.


Lauren's introduction to Soto Zen in the early 90s paved the way for her lifelong practice of meditation and mindfulness--or, more simply, presence, which she sees as the baseline of any therapy work. She believes a connection to the natural world is essential for mental and emotional health, and taps into her wise mind  every chance she gets from her surfboard in the early morning break.

Madeline Bush, M.Ed.
Adrienne Hermes, LPC

Madeline is a Master's level clinician completing her post-graduate licensure hours at the practice. She blends Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Internal Family System in her work. Her approach tailors an effective and empathic individualized treatment to meet each client's needs with opportunities for a dual treatment approach involving individual and group sessions. She has experience treating people suffering from anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorders and personality disorders within specific treatment interventions specifically tailored to these populations.


Madeline is passionate about empowering her clients and partnering to find opportunities to prove self-worth and resiliency. She also values the tremendous potential beneath the group platform as it serves each person's needs separately and together. 

Adrienne Hermes is a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified yoga teacher. Beyond DBT her professional focus is on humanistic, emotion focused and trauma informed therapy (TF-CBT, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy), Family Therapy (Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Couples therapy (Gottman Method).


Helping individuals and couples to reclaim their power and wisdom to actuate change is a driving mechanism in Adrienne's work. Stagnation and indecision can be some of the most difficult aspects of struggling with mental health or current acute stressors. Freedom comes when we find a "how" to begin creating movement once again. Through the combination of emotion focused, somatic, and cognitive evidence based practices, she can assist  you with finding clarity and a way forward.

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