What to expect when you first call or email

An initial call to start DBT therapy, or to at least see if DBT might be a good fit for you, can be a difficult call to make. After an initial phone screening to see if our services might be an appropriate treatment for you, we will assign you to an individual therapist--based on availability and personal needs/preferences-- from our team.

Once you've been assigned an individual therapist, this provider will be your contact for any matters concerning scheduling, payment, treatment, and other communications. Your therapist will orient you to DBT treatment, and answer any further questions you have during your initial session.

Please note that our therapists' fee structures are variable, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs based on availability. We do not take insurance, however our therapists can provide receipts for potential insurance reimbursement, if your plan allows. Please contact your insurance provider for details about your plan, and possible reimbursement for out-of-network therapy and DBT skills groups.


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