Emily, Koppenhofer, MA, M.Ed.

Emily is a Master’s level clinician completing her post graduate licensure hours at the practice. Emily utilizes a person centered approach combining DBT interventions and existentialism. She is passionate about helping clients become reliable, confident narrators of their own stories.

Emily has served marginalized populations in the Philadelphia area for the past five years primarily working with neurodivergent individuals, formerly incarcerated clients, and those with co-occurring diagnoses. Emily firmly believes that therapy should be accessible to everyone. Additionally, years of networking has allowed Emily to gain valuable insight into community resources, which she is happy to share with clients as needed.

Emily is experienced in a variety of treatment settings including individual, group, family, and couples counseling.  She sees and respects our tremendous capacity as human beings to build and maintain positive coping skills, healthy relationships, and self-worth. She looks forward to working with you in a shared sense of humanity and connectedness as you build the skills necessary to lead a meaningful life.