Our Services

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy helps clients understand themselves and their situation so they are able to develop solutions to their problems, and to enhance their capabilities.

Weekly DBT Skills  Groups

DBT Skills Group will teach clients skills to be effective and in control of emotions. Our groups aim to help replace problematic thought and behavior patterns with more adaptive ways of coping. Our practice has a variety of skill-level groups.

Consultation & Education Services

The Philadelphia DBT therapists are available to provide consultation to agencies/hospitals, private and group psychotherapy practices, and individually licensed clinicians seeking training and supervision in DBT.  We also present DBT and mindfulness workshops. Click here for more information.

Our  Groups

Please contact us regarding our group availability

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Adult DBT Skills Group

We currently offer three different levels of skills training. Groups meet once a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.


New group launching August 2022. Contact us for more information.

Facilitated by Christopher Deussing, LCSW

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Wellness Group

Well-being is created on both a biological, and psychological level. The Well-being Group helps clients to form a new connection to themselves using tools that support their habit creation with the lens of DBT skills. 

Group start date: Summer 2022

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Currently on hold

Facilitated by Christopher Deussing, LCSW

Process Group