Services we provide


•Weekly Individual DBT therapy
Individual DBT therapy helps clients understand themselves and their situation to  be able to develop solutions to their problems and to enhance their capabilities.

•Weekly DBT Skills Training Group
The DBT Skills training group teaches skills to be effective and in control of emotions, to stabilize emotions and reduce emotional vulnerability, to tolerate distressing situations and survive crises and to manage interpersonal relationships to feel competent and in control. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a powerful form of therapy for individuals who have trouble regulating emotions & behaviors. These groups help replace problematic thought / behavior patterns with more adaptive ways of coping to create a "life worth living." We focus on 4 skills modules: 1) Mindfulness, 2) Distress Tolerance, 3) Emotion Regulation, & 4) Interpersonal Effectiveness.

•Phone Coaching
Phone coaching helps clients refrain from impulsive behaviors in between sessions.

•Weekly DBT Group for Parents and Family Members of people with BPD

The DBT group for Parents and Family Members of people with BPD combines psychoeducation about Borderline Personality Disorder(BPD) and having a loved one with BPD with teaching DBT skills to reduce conflicts with people with BPD which leads to impulsive/self harming/destructive behaviors and damages relationships. 


•Consultation and Education Services

The Philadelphia DBT therapists are available to provide consultation to agencies/hospitals, private and group psychiatric and psychotherapy practices and individual licensed clinicians who are seeking training and supervision in DBT.  We also present DBT and mindfulness workshops. Contact us for more information.

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